Miscellaneous Useful Tidbits for Homebuyers


If schools are a critical ingredient in your home search, you’ll want to know about these websites.

Home Modifications

If you need to do any modification to your home that requires permits, or maybe you want to research work that was done on it prior to your purchase, these are helpful links.

Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety – A governmental agency responsible for overseeing and enforcing building and safety regulations within the City of Los Angeles, aimed at ensuring the safe and lawful use of buildings and properties.

Zimas – Super useful site. Just plug in an address and you can find legal, jurisdictional, permit, planning and zoning, and host of other reports at your fingertips.

UnderBuilt – If you’re considering building an addition on your house or an investment property, this site digs through city websites, code manuals, assessor maps, and analyzes the most relevant and recent zoning data—providing powerful insight on a property in a single report, so you can focus on the bottom line.


Maybe you’re new to LA, or maybe you’ve been here your entire life but never really spent much time outside of your little pocket of the valley. In either case here are a handful of terrific mapping sites to get bird’s eye view of both the big and small picture of LA’s geography.

Tenants and Rent Control

If you’d like to understand rent control and tenants rights in the city of LA, these are very useful sites.

Other Helpful Resources

Los Angeles Conservancy – For historians and fans of architecture, this is the organization to know about and become involved with. A favorite event is the annual Last Remaining Seats film series, which screens classic films in the vintage theaters downtown.

Pacific Coast Architecture Database (PCAD) – This is a great site for researching the work of architects in the states of California, Oregon and Washington.

Housing Market Update – For those that study the market and love to dig into various metrics, here’s a great link.

Land – Maybe you’re thinking of building your own home, or buying a prefab. In that case here’s a good list of questions to ask when buying land…

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