Traversing the Valley by Bike

Traversing the Valley by Bike

Map of G-Line bike path

Map of the G-Line bike path.

I have to admit… although I’m a big proponent of public transportation, I’m just not one of its biggest users. Still, I’m grateful for the expansive Metro routes our city offers and one in particular is my favorite. That would be the G Line (formerly called the Orange Line). Why? Because running parallel to this bus line is a bike path that spans 17.9 miles end-to-end, offering a fantastic way to become acquainted the neighborhoods of the valley from North Hollywood all the way to Chatsworth. For anyone that’s never had the chance to ride (or walk) along this wonderful pathway, here is a sample of photos along the route. We’ll start at one end and finish at the other.

Start of the G-Line bike path in valley glen

Although the eastern terminus of the G Line is in North Hollywood, the starting point for the bikeway is in Valley Glen on Chandler Boulevard. This first little section is more narrow than the rest of the route, but it’s brief. Just ahead, at the light, it becomes wider and allows ample room for cyclists and pedestrians. In fact, along much of the route, the pathway even has lane markings for bikes and pedestrians. I can’t say I’ve ever noticed people strictly abiding by these markings, but its still nice to have them. It lends a sense of it being an officially sanctioned bike route, for whatever that’s worth.

Bus stop at Woodman Ave in Valley Glen.

The bus stops found along the route are quite nice, featuring modern, shaded waiting stations, seating and well-lit signage. Pictured above is the Woodman Avenue stop. The bike path is on the other side of the fence running along the opposite side of the roadway in this photo.

Bike path on Victory Blvd in Lake Balboa

Pictured above is a scene from a section of the bike path that runs along Victory Boulevard between the 405 and Balboa Boulevard at the north boundary of the Sepulveda Basin Recreation Area. On the return ride, one can opt for an alternate route along the southern boundary of the park just to mix things up, as shown in the next photo.

Bike path alongside Balboa golf course.

This section of bike path, which runs along Burbank Boulevard adjacent to Balboa Golf Course, isn’t technically part of the G Line. But it’s easy to connect up with it again after crossing back over the 405. If your bike has all-terrain tires and you’re feeling a little more adventurous, you can also ride along the dirt trail seen on the opposite side of the fence in the photo above.

Bike path near soccer fields in Sepulveda Basin Recreation Area

At Balboa Boulevard, the path heads south briefly and then continues westward into the Sepulveda Basin Recreation Area near its massive sports complex. Here, it passes by soccer fields where games (organized and pick-up) are almost always happening. Just a little further along this path are baseball fields and a velodrome.

Tree-lined bike path along Topham Street in Tarzana.

The photo above was taken in Tarzana along Topham Street. Although it may look barren, don’t be fooled into thinking that not many people make use of the path. Quite the opposite is true. On any given day, you’ll find riders and pedestrians of all ages taking advantage of this car-free circuit for their outdoor exercise. This photo happened to be snapped on a chilly and extremely windy day. On days when the weather is sublime, the path can be quite full. Recently, while waiting on my bike for a traffic light to change, I chatted with another cyclist. He was 82 years old and he rides the entire length of the path every day. That’s a round-trip of 35 miles!

Bike path near bus stop at Pierce College

Pretty grasses and evergreen trees adorn the pathway at the Pierce College parking lot at Victory Boulevard and Winnetka Ave.

Couple walking their dog in Canoga Park

The bike path opened in 2005, but it only ran east-west and terminated at Warner Center in Woodland Hills. Later (I’m not sure exactly when), an additional 4 miles was added, which ran in the north-south direction. Above, a couple gets a little exercise while walking their dog along a north-south segment of the path that proceeds through Canoga Park. Seen in the distance are the foothills of the Santa Susana Mountain Range.

Cyclists on bike path in Chatsworth

After continuing a little further along the the north-south segment, we reach Chatsworth. Porter Ranch and the Santa Susana mountains are in the distance.

Metrolink train station platform in Chatsworth

The end point of the path is at the Metrolink Train Station in Chatsworth. If you want to take a short break before turning around for the ride back, the station has a nice museum with all sorts items related to the town’s history, including everything from the Chumash people to the area’s role in the early years of movie making.

Rocky hills in Chatsworth

The distinctive rocky outcroppings of Chatsworth’s hills in the distance offer many great hiking trails. A particularly picturesque area is referred to as Garden of The Gods (not visible here) Perhaps that will be a topic for a future post.

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