Neutra VDL Art Show

Neutra VDL Art Show

Silhouette of Richard Neutra outside of the VDL.

Silhouette of Richard Neutra outside of the VDL.

This past Friday, the Neutra VDL Research House in Los Angeles held a special open house presenting Architectones, a site-specific installation by French artist Xavier Veilhan created specifically for the VDL house. The exhibition features sculptures throughout the property, starting with a giant silhouette of Neutra’s profile cut from a steel plate that greets visitors at the entrance. The art presentation allowed for a rare treat… all of the reflecting pools, including the rooftops, which are usually dry, were filled with water.

Veihan and his family stayed lived at the VDL for a month and the work in the show draws inspiration from Neutra, modernism, and the time spent living in the VDL.  According to Veilhan, “This house is not about a façade but about a function, not about size or luxury but about the quality of light and its connection to the outdoors. The interior of the building has been thought through like a car, a plane, or even more like the cabin of a boat: it is the perfect equation between people, function and environment. I want to celebrate and expand the concept of modernity that this represents.” (quote from the website

The VDL Research House is located at 2300 Silver Lake Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039. The exhibition will be open Thursday–Sunday from August 9–September 16, 2012. Hours are Thursday/Friday 3–8pm and Saturday/Sunday 11–4pm. Admission is 10 USD on Saturdays, when there are docent-led tours of the house. The suggested donation on other days is 10 USD.










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